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Pat Passmore, Technology Coordinator
6530-33rd Avenue, NW
Olympia, WA  98502

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  360-866-5888
Fax:  360-866-9684

Griffin School District Technology Vision Statement

The district vision is to provide a comprehensive integration of technology; to assist the mission of providing educational opportunities for creative, involved, life-long learners in the 21st

We live in the communication age.  This age and the culture in which we live are increasingly being supported and changed by a wide variety of technologies.  Technology itself is rapidly developing and changing.

Griffin students will leave the district to live, learn and work in the twenty- first century. The district is preparing them for a society that is technologically oriented, which will demand workers and parents who can use higher order thinking skills.  Society will require people who can solve problems, understand complex terminology, communicate clearly, make sense out of massive amounts of ever-changing information and know how to use appropriate problem-solving techniques.

It is no longer possible for teachers to know or teach everything a student needs to know to succeed in life. The district will use technology as a tool to facilitate student learning, and staff and administrative functions in the workplace.

Griffin School District believes that technology exists as a very powerful, essential tool in the education process for students, staff and community.  Technology is not a separate curriculum, but an appropriate part of every curriculum at every level of instruction.  The impact of technology in the classroom should be a seamless and regular process well into the twenty- first century.

The Griffin School District Technology & Learning Plan is based on the belief that the successful implementation of technology in schools is a long-term commitment and should be done in conjunction with education reform .  The focus of the plan, along with its implementation is on improved student learning.