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Teacher/Prinicipal Evaluation Process (TPEP)

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot Program (TPEP)

The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot was born out of Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6696 during the 2010 legislative session. The evaluation provisions in the bill were part of a larger reform effort made during Washington’s Race to the Top application. The bill created our pilot projection and moved the state from a two-tiered system of unsatisfactory to a four-tiered evaluation system. In addition to moving to a four-tiered system, the legislation created eight new criteria for teachers and principals to be evaluated upon, with common themes tying the criteria for teachers and principals together. E2SSB 6696 also created a TPEP Steering Committee made up of representatives from the following organizations.

TPEP Forms

Teacher Evaluation Process
Comprehensive Evaluation Cycle
Levels of Performance
A Framework for Professional Practice
Pre-Observation Conference Form
Teacher Goal Setting Form (Domain 1)
Teacher Goal Setting Form (Domain 2)
Teacher Goal Setting Form (Domain 3)
Teacher Goal Setting Form (Domain 4)
Post-Observation Conference Form
Framework for Teaching Components of Professional Practice