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STAR Program

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Star Program Shines!

   In appreciation of their hard work, excellent behavior and good attitudes; middle school students are rewarded through the Grizzly STAR Program.  STAR stands for Success Through Achievement Recognition.  This recognition program allows students to also earn10 points for every star seal they earn.  There are more than 60 different seals students can earn in areas such as excellence or effort in academic classes as well as work habits, attendance, citizenship, community service, athletics and school pride.  Griffin 6th graders have already earned 381 points on average in comparison to the 310 points earned by 7th graders and the 283 points earned by 8th grade students. 

    With a total of 73,000 points earned, middle school students worked hard all year long, often putting in extra hours helping out at school and community functions such as the annual Senior Luncheon, PTO sponsored Science Fair, Fall Festival and neighborhood food drives.  Middle school teacher, Mrs. Emily Schall, put together the program in the fall and managed the tracking of seals for students through-out the year.  With the help of parent volunteers and staff members, every six weeks students receive their seals and a colored shield which holds nine seals.  Once the first shield is filled, the student receives the next color shield.  The middle school hallways are lined with hundreds of brightly colored shields; evidence of the impressive achievements of Griffin students.

     Students look forward to STAR award days and are anxious to see what seals they have earned for the prior STAR period.  More students are volunteering to help with activities and they are asking teachers how they can improve their work to earn academic seals. “Whenever we can motivate kids by recognizing their positive actions, it is a win-win situation,” says Bob Schiefer, middle school teacher.  After the first year of this program, middle school teachers feel the STAR Program has had a positive effect.  With a goal of 200 points by May 15th, eighty-six percent of the middle school students will be eligible to participate in year-end STAR celebrations and that is reason for everyone to celebrate!


Jolene Cetak

Middle School Secretary