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Property Improvements, Capital Projects & Technology Replacement Levy Flyer

Property Improvements, Capital Projects & Technology Replacement Levy
Posted on 01/21/2022
Property Improvements, Capital Projects & Technology Replacement Levy

The Griffin School Board unanimously agreed to place a Property Improvements, Capital Projects and Technology Replacement Levy proposal before voters on the February 8, 2022 Special Election ballot.  The attached levy newsletter and ballots should arrive in mailboxes any day.

The proposed replacement levy is not a new tax.  It would replace an expiring two-year Property Improvements, Capital Projects and Technology Levy approved by voters in 2020.  The current ballot measure would raise $750,000 for the 2023 collection year and $750,000 for the 2024 collection year.

This replacement levy proposal reflects Griffin School District’s continued commitment to:

  • Improving and adapting Griffin buildings and grounds.
  • Making technology accessible to all Griffin students.
  • Improving and enhancing security, safety and communications systems.
  • Supporting Griffin community high school students through legally required payments to Olympia School District for high school related capital projects.

The dollar amount requested for this replacement levy mirrors the expiring approved levy.  We have continued to analyze our (Griffin) needs as well as our financial obligations to OSD and have proposed a replacement levy that reflects that amount and nothing more.

The projected tax rates for the proposed levy depend on the final dollar amount of assessed value of property within the school district.  Based on current information, the estimated tax rate per $1000 of assessed valuation would be:

2024: $0.43 (proposed new levy)
2023: $0.45 (proposed new levy)

For context, the tax collection for the expiring levy per $1000 of assessed valuation was:

2022:  $0.47 (expiring levy)
2021:  $0.56 (expiring levy)

If approved, the revised tax collections for the replacement levy would begin as the tax collections for the expiring levy go away.  There would be no overlap in tax collection for our tax paying community.

Please review the attached newsletter for more detailed information and please send questions to Levy2022@griffinschool.us.

Remember to vote on or before February 8, 2022.